Month: August 2016

#4MyResearch: History Project Topics

Historians rely on historical research method. Various sources have been employed by History researchers to investigate important past events. Omotere Tope is a professional Historian at #4MyResearch who employ a sophisticated multidisciplinary approach to historicize peoples’ culture, festivals, biographies, foreign policies, military history, church history, economic history, political history, and micro-History. Check a list of well-researched […]

The Next Infornaire:8 Online Business Systems Created by Internet Billionaires that will Earn You $1000 Monthly

The Next Infonaire (Download Free Version Here) Copyright © 2014 by Tope Omotere ISBN-13: 978-1497596573 ISBN-10: 1497596572 Few internet billionaires wish you buy into their system and make you a millionaire over time. Google, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, are good examples. The owners of these sites are billionaires. Theirs take time, careful practice and a lot […]


Demographers predict that more than 45% of first-time marriages in the 21st century will eventually end in divorce (Amato, 2010; Cherlin, 2010; Clarke-Stewart & Brentano, 2006). Research is plentiful on the topic of divorce, particularly as they affect children of the divorcees. However, there are limited data and scholarly works on the impact of divorce on women in Nigeria. It is on this basis that this study addresses the impact of divorce on women with specific reference to financial status, emotional well-being, and self-esteem.