RESEARCH PROPOSAL Chapter One: Introduction Adult involvement in continuing education or their  interest in pursuing further education is not without its challenges. In spite of the fact that there has been a remarkable increase in the participation of young girls and married women in educational pursuit and had continued to exhibit their desire or yearning for higher education, their efforts have continued to be limited by social norms  and dictates (Marim and Greenberger cited in Kazeem 2018; Osunde and Omoruyi 2019). Studies according to the authors have also shown that the poor socio-economic status of these adult has a relatively greater effect on the educational aspiration or desire to seek further education. Therefore, adult students who enlist in educational programme, are daily confronted with challenges that tend to undermine their efforts. This study sought to determine the major challenges which confront adult students in continuing higher education with particular reference to University of Nigeria Sandwich Programme. It also seeks to tease out the implications it has for evolving an adequate counselling programme for women that would assist them deal with the challenges and for ensuring proper education of the women. This study is considered significant for a number of reasons. In the first instance, it will help unravel the major  challenges confronting women in continuing education programme.  The data  generated will therefore, assist in evolving appropriate measures and alternative policy option that will enable the programme providers combat these problems and make learning and teaching more effective  and fruitful. In addition, the data generated will also help to expand the frontiers of knowledge or add to existing literature in the area. It is also hoped that the findings will serve as feedback to managers in higher education on the challenges their women participants face and help them develop appropriate strategies and possibilities for improved performance and enhanced participation of more women in the programme. Finally, it is hoped that the outcome of the study will aid in the formulation of appropriate counselling strategy or programme that would help women cope with challenges confronting them so as to successfully complete their education  Chapter Two: Literature Review This chapter reviews literature on challenges faced by adult students in a sandwich programme in Nigeria. The literature is presented under sub-headings derived from the study’s research questions. Gaps to be filled by the present study are highlighted. Chapter Three: Research Methodology This chapter deals

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